Week 8 FanDueling


Recently (with an assist from my dad!) I’ve started playing in daily fantasy leagues each week on fanduel.com. I thought it would be fun to chronicle the experience here.

A quick explanation of how FanDuel works:

1. You join a league and pay the entry fee. This fee could be as low as $1. It depends on how confident/brave/rich/stupid you are.

2. You are given a salary cap of $60,000. You then pick your team of players (each is assigned a value) without going over $60,000.

3. Then, like a regular fantasy league, you root for your players to dominate in real life.

4. When all the games are finished, prizes are awarded. It depends on what kind of league you join. Some offer prizes to the top 50%, while others offer larger prizes to a smaller number of people.

5. The league ends. You can join a new one next week if you’re so inclined.

So, here is my team for this week, with explanations and prices for each pick. I’ll be back next week to recap and then pick another team, assuming I’m not hemorrhaging money (and I probably will be).

QB – Russell Wilson (SEA@CAR) – $8,900

Russell has really only had one bad fantasy game this season (against Dallas, when I, of course, picked him for my FanDuel team) and I do value consistency in fantasy sports. I’m terrified of this pick because he’s coming off of such a huge game and it’s a 10 a.m. PT start time. Of course, the start time is what scared me away from picking him last week. Oops. Well, Carolina’s defense is awful, the Seahawks need this one badly, and Russell has a high ceiling. He’s my guy.

Also considered: Aaron Rodgers ($10,000), Carson Palmer (7,400)

RB – Andre Ellington (PHI@ARI) – $7,400

Ellington gets the ball a whole bunch. He had 30 touches last week against Oakland. He is also targeted often as a receiver, which is appealing since FanDuel scoring gives 0.5 points per reception. There is more evidence that Philadelphia’s defense is bad than there is that it’s good.

RB – Jerick McKinnon (MIN@TB) – $5,800

I’m a firm believer that before the season is over, we will all bear witness to The Jerick McKinnon Game. I don’t know when, but I think it’s coming. Why not against arguably the worst defense in the league? And for only $5,800? Sign me up.

Also considered – Lamar Miller ($7,400), Ben Tate ($7,000), Justin Forsett ($6,700), Isaiah Crowell ($5,100)

WR – Randall Cobb (GB@NO) – $8,400

There should be scoring aplenty in this one. I wanted in on Cobb or Jordy Nelson. Cobb was a little cheaper, and I don’t think he’s a huge drop off from Nelson. Plus, I’m going against Cobb in my league here in Korea. If my luck in that league is any indication, he should drop 40.

WR – Julian Edelman (CHI@NE) – $7,100

[Edit: I’m changing Edelman to Sammy Watkins ($7,300). He’s been a bigger part of the offense since Orton took over, and the Bills could be throwing a lot with C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson both out. I’ve talked myself into him being more trustworthy than Edelman.]

He’s appealing because of the 0.5 PPR format. The Bears’ defense is dealing with some injuries, and starting cornerback Kyle Fuller is apparently going to play with a broken hand. It’s dangerous business relying on a Patriot in fantasy, but I thought he was a good bargain here.

WR – Doug Baldwin (SEA@CAR) – $6,800

Folks who play in daily fantasy leagues often swear by a tactic they call “stacking.” You basically just make sure you pick one of the top wide receivers on the same team as the quarterback you choose with the hopes that they’ll have mutual success. I don’t totally buy the theory, but it has some success stories in recent weeks. I’ll give it a shot this week. Baldwin is pretty cheap for the Seahawks’ number one receiving option and, as mentioned, the Panthers’ defense hasn’t been good.

Also considered: Jordy Nelson ($8,800),  Brandon Marshall ($7,400), Sammy Watkins ($7,300), Michael Floyd ($6,500), Cordarrelle Patterson ($6,000), Golden Tate (N/A. Players from the Atlanta-Detroit game weren’t available to select. I’m not sure why. Tate was the first guy I looked for.)

TE – Jordan Reed (WAS@DAL) – $5,200

Jordan Reed is a steal at this price. Why is he cheaper than Cooper Helfet? Had anybody besides Seahawks or Duke football fans heard of him before his big game last week? Reed is the lead tight end in an offense going against the Cowboys, who have given up more fantasy points to tight ends than any other team. Sure, there’s a decent chance he’ll limp off the field in the first quarter and never return, but for $5,200 I’ll take that chance.

Also considered: None

K – Chandler Catanzaro (PHI@ARI) – $5,100

Once again, I think this will be a high-scoring affair. I like having kickers in high-scoring affairs. Catanzaro is averaging 10.5 fantasy points per game.

Also considered: Blair Walsh ($5,100)

D/ST – Houston Texans (HOU@TEN) – $5,100

I like the potential for sacks, turnovers and defensive touchdowns with J.J. Watt chasing around a rookie quarterback making his first career start. I like it a lot.

Also considered: Cleveland Browns ($4,900)


TOTAL – $59,800

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