Week 10 FanDueling

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Before we move on to Week 10, let’s take a look at the results from Week 9:


I did pretty well with this team, finishing in the top 10 and winning money in both of the contests I entered.

Since I won, I’ll spare you the complaining this week. Most of the team did really well, so I was able to overcome poor performances by Russell Wilson and Jermaine Kearse to post my highest FanDuel score of the season. Let’s hope this is the start of a winning streak.

On to Week 10! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week*:

*My apologies for a relative lack of detail this week and later-than-usual posting. I’m recovering from a migraine.

QB – Matt Ryan (ATL@TB) – $7,800

Remember back in the NFL Picks column when I said if you wager on this game you have a gambling problem? Well, who’s got two thumbs and picked two Atlanta Falcons this week:


Matt Ryan was, sadly, the best bargain at quarterback this week. The Buccaneers have given up boatloads of points to quarterbacks and receivers this year, and are somehow worse at home. The Falcons are worse outside of the Georgia Dome, though, so I can’t say I feel great about this pick. But it’s high-upside and good value, so I’ll take the chance.

By the way, I should point out that I’ve been playing FanDuel since Week 5. I have picked Russell Wilson three times. In the games I picked him, he scored 11,14, and 10. In the games I didn’t pick him, he scored 34 and 37. He’s going off today.

Also considered: Russell Wilson ($8,100)

RB – DeMarco Murray (DAL@JAX) – $9,300

Jeremy Hill thrashed the Jaguars on the ground last week. Since Tony Romo is back, the Jaguars won’t  have the luxury of putting nine men in the box against Brandon Weeden. I think Murray bounces back this week.

RB – Justin Forsett (TEN@BAL) – $6,500

Forsett is pretty cheap considering he’s the feature back in this offense. He’s been a threat as a receiver as well. I can’t say that I think Forsett will dominate, but he’s consistent, he gets opportunities, and he’s cheap.

Also considered – Andre Ellington ($8,100), Ronnie Hillman ($7,400), Bobby Rainey ($6,700)

WR – Antonio Brown (PIT@NYJ) – $9,100

I was surprised Brown’s salary only went up $100 after last week. He’s the hottest receiver in the NFL going against a secondary that tends to get beat deep. He’s worth the high price.

WR – Julio Jones (ATL@TB) – $8,000

I’m pairing Jones with Ryan this week. He’s had a few sub-par weeks and I think he’s due for a bounce-back. If he can’t make a return to dominance this week, I’m not exactly sure when he would.

WR – Jermaine Kearse (NYG@SEA) – $4,600

I rolled the dice with Kearse last week and got a whopping 0.9 points to show for it. I typically wouldn’t choose that player again, but I watched the game and he was actually targeted often. It seemed like he was consistently close to a decent gain or a touchdown, but he would just miss due to an inaccurate throw or something of that nature. He’s super cheap, and I once again think there’s a decent  chance he scores a touchdown with Russell Wilson a lock to score 50 points today.

Also considered: Demariyus Thomas ($9,000), Alshon Jeffery ($7,900), Davante Adams ($5,200)

TE – Owen Daniels (TEN@BAL) – $5,400

Daniels wins by default this week. I spent so much money on Brown and Murray that there wasn’t much left for a top tight end. Daniels was the best I could get with my budget.

Also considered: Larry Donnell ($5,300)

K – Brandon McManus (DEN@OAK) – $4,700

There’s a pretty good chance that the Broncos score a mountain of points today. McManus isn’t great from a PPG basis, but I think he has a good game today.

Also considered: None

D/ST – New Orleans Saints (SF@NO) – $4,600

A gamble that could very well blow up in my face. The Saints’ defense has mostly been horrible this season. But, they’re at home, and the 49ers’ offense has been struggling. Their defense has looked good over the last couple of weeks, too. I think they have a decent chance to do well.

Also considered: Atlanta Falcons ($4,500), Green Bay Packers ($4,500)


TOTAL – $60,000

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