Week 16 FanDueling

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Before we move on to Week 16, let’s take a look at the results from Week 15:


Another winning week, which makes my failure this week all the more likely. I’ll be fairly amazed if I close the season with six straight winning weeks.

I was right on Odell Beckham, as he scored 36.3 points (and nearly scored a fourth touchdown) before continuing his search for John Connor. I was hilariously wrong on Martellus Bennett, who I absolutely loved last week but could only manage 7.6 points as the Bears embarrassed themselves on national television.

The Derek Anderson pick worked out well. His 16.48 points were outstanding for his price tag of $5,000. I’ll be employing a similar strategy this week.

On to Week 16! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Jimmy Clausen (DET@CHI) – $5,000

Granted, I’ve been sick all week and am heavily medicated. I may not be thinking clearly. But hear me out.

In the double-up contests I enter, my goal is to score around 120 points. For that to happen, I need each player to at least double his salary in points. For example, someone with a salary of $6,000 should score 12 points, someone with a salary of $8,000 should score 16, and so on.

With that in mind, Clausen only needs to score ten points to be worth it. I think that’s reasonable, given that the Bears’ offense is still going to call for lots of passing. I obviously don’t love the matchup against Detroit, but they have given up at least ten points to opposing quarterbacks every game this season except three. Those were Eli Manning in Week 1 (6 points), Geno Smith in Week 4 (8 points), and Teddy Bridgewater in Week 6 (2 points).

By no means would I advocate starting Clausen in a standard fantasy league, but for the purposes of this contest, I like his chances.

Also considered: Robert Griffin III ($6,900), though he was ineligible for this contest since the game was on Saturday.

RB – Le’Veon Bell (KC@PIT) – $9,700

Why yes, I would like yet another helping of Le’Veon Bell. Everything I said last week about Bell (and Latavius Murray, who played the Chiefs, last week) applies here. Sure, the Murray pick didn’t work out, but that was because the Raiders decided to throw the ball 56 times against the worst run defense in the league because they’re the Raiders. I have to think the Steelers will be smarter.

Much like Odell Beckham last week, Bell could be in line to do unholy things.

RB – Joique Bell (DET@CHI) – $7,300

I went with two Bells, since Christmas is this week. The Bears are in a giving mood, having given up no fewer than 22 points to opposing running backs in the last three weeks. One of those games was against Detroit on Thanksgiving. Bell has a solid matchup.

Also considered – C.J. Anderson ($7,800), Fred Jackson ($6,700)

WR – Dez Bryant (IND@DAL) – $8,600

Not the greatest matchup, but Dez was fairly cheap for his upside. The Cowboys could also be throwing the ball more if DeMarco Murray is limited due to injury. I’d love to just keep putting noted cyborg Odell Beckham here, but alas, FanDuel has finally elevated his salary to where it needs to be. It’s a sad day for us all.

WR – Kenny Stills (ATL@NO) – $6,100

Trusting a Saint is playing with fire, as always. But they still (somehow) have something to play for against the rival Falcons, and Atlanta’s defense has been pretty generous to opposing wide receivers this year. Stills could have a huge day. He could also bitterly disappoint, and I’ll be left wondering why I didn’t pick Donte Moncrief, who should get more opportunities if T.Y. Hilton doesn’t play.

WR – Jermaine Kearse (SEA@ARI) – $5,000

Kearse gets the call for the same reason he always does: you never know who will be Seattle’s leading receiver, so he’s the safest bet of the low-cost options.

Also considered: Donte Moncrief ($5,900), Hakeem Nicks ($5,100)

TE – Rob Gronkowski (NE@NYJ) – $7,800

It’s a rough week for wide receiver value, which means I’m welcoming Gronk back to my FanDuel team. Not much to discuss here. He’s the best tight end in the league and a luxury I could afford this week.

Also considered: None

K – Mason Crosby (GB@TB) – $4,900

I’m expecting the Packers to score a whole mess of points this week to atone for last week’s loss to Buffalo. If that is indeed the case, Crosby should have a huge week.

Also considered: None

D – Seattle Seahawks (SEA@ARI) – $5,500

Ryan Lindley is starting for the Cardinals this week. I don’t think I need another reason, but I’ll also point out that the Seahawks D has scored double digits in each of the last four weeks and they always play better in primetime. Since Pete Carroll took over in 2010, the Seahawks are 12-1 in primetime games. The sole loss came in Week 7 of 2012 — a 13-6 loss in San Francisco on Thursday night. Also, Ryan Lindley is starting for the Cardinals this week.

Also considered: New England Patriots ($5,600)


TOTAL – $59,900

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