Ho Ho Hogan! Wrasslin’ Wednesday 12/24/14

Wrasslin Wednesday Header

Derek: It’s Christmas Eve! We’re busy, you’re busy. Honestly, any people craving our professional wrestling thoughts on Christmas Eve are either serial killers or the crowning achievement in human evolution. Either way, we’re not ready to deal with that. It’s a shame we couldn’t dedicate a few paragraphs to Ho Ho Hogan, though.

So, as a special gift from us, here’s a YouTube video of last year’s match between Good Santa and Bad Santa. Will Christmas be canceled?!?!?!

(Oh, and the main event is Cena, Punk, and Big E vs. The Shield, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Happy Holidays, and see you on Friday.

Will: What he said. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy others. Enjoy food and drink. Enjoy the amorphous sense of holiday spirit. Enjoy wrasslin’.

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