Wild Card FanDueling

Quick programming note: I’ll be doing Satire Saturday on Sunday (gasp!) and FanDueling on Saturday this week, since the games start on Saturday.

For an explanation of the FanDueling series, click here.


Before we move on to THE PLAYOFFS, let’s take a look at the results from Week 17:


It was not a great week but, once again, I (barely) finished in the top half of the standings, thus doubling my money again. That means I finished the season doubling my money in each week since Week 12. Despite sucking pretty hard early in the season (both when this feature began and before) I managed to finish the regular season with a net profit of $207. I’m not saying that I’m an expert or anything, but the strategies I’ve settled into were obviously successful at the end of the year, so hopefully I can turn an even bigger profit next year.

A special thanks to Odell Beckham and the Seahawks D for being the main reason I was able to complete the winning streak. I continued to have bad luck at tight end, and my cheap quarterback strategy finally came back to bite me. I also caught a bad break with Arian Foster, who left early in the game with an injury. He already had 9.8 points, so I have to think he would have had a solid game had he stayed in. Alas.

On to the Wild Card games! I can’t say for sure that I’ll continue this feature throughout the playoffs. There are only eight teams playing, and the lack of flexibility makes me uncomfortable. But everyone else is dealing with the same problem, so maybe it won’t matter. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not wagering as much as I normally would, though. Anyway, here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Ben Roethlisberger (BAL@PIT) – $8,500

Roethlisberger has been really good at home, and the Ravens’ secondary is atrocious. That theme shall be addressed throughout my FanDuel team this week. Cam Newton was tempting, but Roethlisberger’s ceiling is just too high.

Also considered: Cam Newton ($8,300)

RB – Jeremy Hill (CIN@IND) – $7,400

Hill is on fire. Believe me, I know. He cost me one or two fantasy football championships. He’s a solid bet to do well if Andy Dalton doesn’t have the Bengals playing from behind the whole game.

RB – Daniel Herron (CIN@IND) – $5,400

Herron was cheap, and he has only Trent Richardson standing in his way. I have no problems with betting against Trent Richardson.

Also considered – Josh Harris ($5,600), Kerwynn Williams ($5,200), Stepfan Taylor ($4,800),

WR – Antonio Brown (BAL@PIT) – $9,200

Ravens’ secondary, again. Brown was the first player I picked. There was no way I was leaving him off my team this week.

WR – Kelvin Benjamin (ARI@CAR) – $6,900

I’m not a huge fan, but the pickings were slim. I liked him better than Golden Tate, since he’s been much less productive since the return of Calvin Johnson.

WR – Martavis Bryant (BAL@PIT) – $5,600

Yeah … Ravens’ secondary. Bryant’s value lies with the big play, and there’s a pretty good shot he makes a few of those.

Also considered: Golden Tate ($6,800), Steve Smith ($6,400), Cole Beasley ($5,600)

TE – Greg Olsen (ARI@CAR) – $6,400

The Cardinals have struggled to cover tight ends all year. Olsen burned me last week, but he was really the only legitimate choice at tight end this week.

Also considered: None

K – Dan Bailey (DET@DAL) – $5,000

I didn’t love any kicking matchups this week. It seems feasible that the Cowboys will move the ball but stall in the red zone.

Also considered: Adam Vinatieri ($4,900)

D/ST – Carolina Panthers (ARI@CAR) – $5,300

The Panthers face Ryan Lindley this week. That is all.

Also considered: None


TOTAL – $59,700

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