Divisional FanDueling

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Before we move on to the Divisional games, let’s take a look at the results from Wild Card Weekend:

fanduel wild card

I ended up scoring almost the exact same amount of points as I did in Week 17 (111.88) to continue my winning streak. I doubled the relatively small wager I made, and will take all of those winnings and throw them into this week’s team. I haven’t decided yet if I want to have a team next week. I already lack confidence with just eight teams playing, so I imagine it will plummet even further when only four teams are playing. It will depend on what kind of contests are available, but there’s a decent chance this will be the final FanDueling entry of the season.

The MVP of last week’s team is a tough call. Martavis Bryant scored 15.2 points on just a $5,600 salary while owned on just 21.7% of teams. Dan Herron was also huge, scoring a team-high 23.1 points on a $5,400 salary while owned on 43.3% of teams. It seems like an easy call since Herron scored more points per dollar, but Bryant was a less popular pick, which always helps. I was bummed out when Antonio Brown’s touchdown reception was ruled down at the 1-yard line, but it actually worked out since Bryant ended up catching the touchdown. It’s the same six points, but I vaulted over many more people in the standings since Bryant was owned on fewer teams.

Greg Olsen sucked again, as did Kelvin Benjamin. Jeremy Hill had an okay day, as he’s only allowed to have a really good day if he’s facing me in a fantasy game. I have a feeling he’s going to be my fantasy nemesis for years to come.

My good calls: Picking Herron and Hill over Josh Harris, Kerwynn Williams, and Stepfan Taylor. They did not do well.

Neutral call: Picking Ben Roethlisberger over Cam Newton. Their fantasy outputs were almost identical.

Bad calls: Picking Kelvin Benjamin over Golden Tate and Dan Bailey over Adam Vinatieri. Tate and Vinatieri both had great games.

On to the Divisional games! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Russell Wilson (CAR@SEA) – $8,200

Russell was the best value this week, narrowly edging Flacco. I considered using Flacco, but I couldn’t find good use for the extra $400. Russell isn’t my pick for top QB this week, but he’s the third cheapest, with only Flacco and Cam Newton costing less. I’d rather spend $8,200 on Russell than try to fit in Aaron Rodgers ($9,700), Andrew Luck ($9,600), Peyton Manning ($9,100), Tom Brady ($9,100), or Tony Romo ($8,600).

Also considered: Joe Flacco ($7,800)

RB – Eddie Lacy (DAL@GB) – $8,400

If Rodgers’ calf problem is as bad as reported, then there should be an extra dose of Eddie Lacy in this one. The Colts are the only remaining playoff team that gave up more fantasy points to running backs than the Cowboys during the season.

RB – Daniel Herron (IND@DEN) – $6,100

Herron had some fumbling problems last week, but he still had an awesome game. I really wasn’t expecting him to make such an impact as a receiver. He’s the best choice of the lower-priced running backs.

Also considered – Marshawn Lynch ($8,900), C.J. Anderson ($8,700), LeGarrette Blount ($5,700)

WR – Randall Cobb (DAL@GB) – $8,600

Cobb runs a lot of underneath routes, and the Cowboys have struggled with slot receivers all season.

WR – Doug Baldwin (CAR@SEA) – $5,900

WR – Jermaine Kearse (CAR@SEA) – $5,000

This is the sort of decision I was forced to make because of so few teams playing. I spent extra at tight end this week, meaning my wide receiver depth would likely suffer. I tried my best to get Brandon LaFell in there, but I couldn’t make it work to my satisfaction. I thought of going cheap at tight end, but I liked these guys slightly more than those tight end options. Usually one Seahawks receiver has a decent game, so hopefully it will be one of these two.

Also considered: Demaryius Thomas ($9,100), Dez Bryant ($9,000), Julian Edelman ($7,300), Brandon LaFell ($6,800), Paul Richardson ($5,100)

TE – Rob Gronkowski (BAL@NE) – $7,900

This was a tough choice. Gronk is the best TE by a mile, but he’s expensive and will probably be chosen by a ton of people. I don’t feel great about it, but here’s hoping he has a monster game to justify this spot.

Also considered: Jason Witten ($5,500), Luke Willson ($4,600)

K – Mason Crosby (DAL@GB) – $4,600

Crosby’s stats at home drove this pick, though Barth and Hauschka were very tempting.

Also considered: Connor Barth ($4,700), Steven Hauschka ($4,700)

D/ST – Seattle Seahawks (CAR@SEA) – $5,200

I didn’t really think there was another defense worth considering. The Seahawks are probably the best defense remaining in the playoffs, and the Panthers are probably the worst offense remaining in the playoffs.

Also considered: None


TOTAL – $59,900

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