Marking for ‘Mania: Wrasslin’ Wednesday 4/1/15

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Derek: We’re coming to you live (two/two/three days later) from Santa Clara/Suplex City/San Jose! If you didn’t make it a point to watch seven hours of professional wrestling between Sunday and Monday, you missed out.

Yes, after all of our complaining and fantasy booking, WWE managed to deliver its best show in recent memory. Maybe I wasn’t in love with any one match or angle (I’ll remember WM 29 for the incredible Punk/Undertaker match and WM 30 for Daniel Bryan going over and Brock breaking the streak) but it had my attention from beginning to end. I wouldn’t have predicted that, seeing as they can barely make half of a typical episode of Raw interesting.

Speaking of Raw, the post-Mania crowd is typically the most raucous of the year, which made for some fun and occasionally controversial chants. We also got a couple of title matches and the greatest moment of 2015.

In honor of WrestleMania 31, Spencer Davies is joining us again to break down 31 burning questions from the Wrasslin’ Super Bowl and its aftermath. We’re ready.

1. Was Brock Lesnar giving Michael Cole an F5 the greatest moment of your entire life, or just the greatest moment of 2015?

Derek: Let’s just say I hope I live long enough to see the technology that would allow me to get a tattoo of a GIF.

f5 cole


Spencer: I think that the entire rampage was up there for being the greatest moment in 2015 already. Brock. Went. Ballistic.

Will: It was phenomenal. Cole is among the very largest punching bags in today’s WWE, and the pop as he hit the canvas told the tale. Kudos to him for sticking the landing, by the way.

2. What are your thoughts on daytime wrasslin’?

Derek: My motto’s always been: when it’s right, it’s right. Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night? Whennnnnn everything’s a little clearer in the light of dayyyyyyyyyy. Annnnnnnnnnd we know the night is always gonna be there anywayyyyyyyy.

But srsly, it was a bit distracting. I didn’t care so much at the beginning, but it did The Undertaker no favors.

Spencer: For the earlier portions of the show, it was fine. However, it significantly took away from everybody’s entrances—especially Sting, Bray Wyatt and of course, the Dead Man. Not only that, but you could see the superstars squinting and sweating profusely during matches. From now on, WrestleMania should be held either on the East coast or in a dome so it’s dark.

WillI was not a fan; it was like going to a drive-in movie at noon. As y’all say, it didn’t affect much of the early action, and it seemed like the lengthy Rock-Ronda Rousey segment was done in hopes that darkness would fall by the time the Undertaker’s music hit, but alas. It was a fun little experiment, and they’ll probably go back to that well, but it dampened my enthusiasm by roughly 10 percent.

3. How did it feel seeing D-Generation X vs. the nWo?

Derek: Naturally, I would rather have seen it 15 years ago. Scott Hall (exactly five months older than Sting) took a bump and I thought he was dead. It was a great bit of nostalgia, though.


Having the nWo defend Sting was a little weird, but I see why they did it. Other wrestlers probably would have made more sense (Goldberg, DDP, Lex Luger, Ric Flair) but those guys may have been less willing or able to contribute than the nWo.

SpencerIf DX and the nWo would’ve came out in wheelchairs I still would have marked out. I don’t care what age they are and what year it happened in, because I’ve waited for that moment for over 15 years as a pro wrestling fan. I understand that it may have taken away from the Sting/HHH match itself, but if there was a time to make that moment possible, it was then.

I’ve seen arguments talking about how nostalgia wasn’t worth bringing out a bunch of old guys to renew a rivalry. News flash: When two of the most notorious, controversial factions in wrestling history agree to make a WrestleMania moment happen in front of over 76,000 people live, and millions more watching, you make it happen. And it delivered.

Scott Hall took his first bump in years, and Kevin Nash even ribbed the IWC (internet wrestling community) by faking a torn quad—now THAT’S funny!

WillIt was weird. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken back to the year 2000 like a Conan sketch, but the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. The Sting-Trips match was generally taken less seriously than I expected, but it was still nice to see all those familiar faces in the ring together.

4. Seth Rollins finally cashed in! Were you satisfied with the ending?

Derek: I loved it! We’ll get to see the champion more often. It was very typical of Rollins’ character. They threw us off by having Rollins lose to Orton earlier in the show. I’m really excited to see what Rollins does as champion.

SpencerAbsolutely. You now have a full-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion who is easily one of, if not the, best workers in the ring. The ending provided a new direction for creative as well, which opens up so many possibilities going forward (more Ambrose and Rollins, please!).

WillCompletely satisfied with the ending—and the whole match, for that matter. Reigns looked respectable in taking a beating, Brock kept face by delivering said beating, and Rollins’ cash-in was a deus ex machina that snuffed out any chance of a Reigns win that would have inspired boos loud enough to melt steel.

5. Ronda Rousey teamed up with The Rock to spar with Triple H and Stephanie. Are they going anywhere with this?

Derek: Looks like they’re headed toward a HHH-Rock match at some point in the next year. The two already alluded to such a match back in October.

Ronda is a bit more intriguing. It would be a little surprising to see her adopt pro wrestling training to go along with her usual MMA training. Some have called for a mixed tag Rock-Rousey vs. HHH-Stephanie match or a Rousey vs. Stephanie match. Those would be pretty cool, but I don’t know what kind of match Ronda and Stephanie would have. Ronda is a way better athlete, but Stephanie has more wrestling experience. I don’t know if that would make for a good match or a bad match.

But hey, Jay Leno and Dennis Rodman had matches with WCW, so I’m sure Ronda could if she wanted to.

SpencerI have a theory: WWE and UFC have a mutual partnership. Before you call me crazy, follow these bread crumbs and hear me out.

– WWE announced a partnership with TapOut coming in 2016, a company known for its relationship with UFC.

– WWE talked about Brock Lesnar’s negotiations with Dana White on Raw and social media before he re-signed his contract.

– Ronda Rousey showed up at WrestleMania in the front row (seemingly as a guest) until the Rock brought her in the ring to help him confront the Authority. The two both teased on their social media accounts that their partnership is just getting started.

– Dana White posted a picture of himself watching Rousey at WM 31 on the WWE Network.

– Crazy sub-theory that probably isn’t true, but because of the aforementioned three reasons has a slight shot of being true: CM Punk and WWE staged bad blood to let him enter the octagon in some type of deal with UFC.

Something is clearly going on between the two companies, and it’s something to pay attention to as the two move forward.

WillNo idea what’s going on here. The only way to book Rousey in WWE would be as a Lesnar-esque monster, and I’m not sure if that’s what the promising Divas division needs right now. Just having her name attached in the short-term was a win for WWE; pushing it any further might prove risky.

6. Did the Wyatt/Undertaker match move the needle for you, or did your worst fears come to pass?

Derek: I was fine with the match, with the exception of Taker’s hair, which was dyed to the point of distraction.

I was mostly disappointed in the entrances. There was way too much light for a Taker entrance, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Bray entering with a bunch of zombie beekeeping scarecrows.

bray entrance


SpencerI was actually quite disappointed with everything in the match to tell you the truth. The entrances were disappointing, Wyatt sprained his ankle earlier in the day and Undertaker looked…old. At 50 years old, the Dead Man just looked slow moving around the ring, and the signature win that Wyatt needed to be considered a true threat as a potential main eventer still hasn’t come yet.

It’s about time that Taker hangs up the ol’ boots.

WillMaybe my pre-match excitement colored my perception too much, but I enjoyed it. The Wyatt spider walk vs. Taker sit up spot was as awesome as it was predictable, it was great to see Taker walk the ropes so smoothly, and I thought the two battled with an appropriate amount of physicality. I’m surprised that the match ended as cleanly as it did. The bigger question is: what’s next for Wyatt?

7. Roman looked strong and didn’t win, but he’s still getting booed. Is that okay?

Derek: Count me among the folks who think paying customers at a sporting event/concert can boo whenever they feel it’s necessary. I personally wouldn’t boo him, though. ‘Mania is over, so he gets a restart. He has some more time to work on his promos and develop a few more moves. It was fitting that he only used the Spear and Superman Punch during the ‘Mania match. So if those folks feel he’s still worthy of boos, I don’t have a problem with that.

SpencerI agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but Reigns shouldn’t be booed from here on out. It’s completely unnecessary. The man is working his butt off, and he is becoming a better wrestler already. Not everyone has mic skills. Lay off of him, IWC.

WillNo, and I thought the Raw crowd was being a bunch of dicks. Reigns looked good in defeat at ‘Mania; isn’t that all anybody wanted? Has everyone decided that he will get never get any benefit of the doubt? Brock hurled Reigns all over the ring, Reigns mounted a token counteroffensive, and he lost. He did his job. Consider me on Team Roman.

8. Were you okay with the fans being smarky dickheads?

Derek: Sure! Some of it was inappropriate, but it’s usually only like that once a year. I think the post-‘Mania crowd is a very special treat.

Spencer: In some portions of the show, they were fantastic. In others, they were just getting obnoxious and annoying. The wave was dumb, that’s for sure.

WillNah. I maintain that they were being a bunch of dicks, and I didn’t care for it one bit.

9. They did the wave!

Derek: Yeah, Kane and Big Show were in the main event. What were they supposed to do?

SpencerMy sentiments exactly. But the wave is still dumb, and it will be forever in any capacity.

Will…I kind of liked it. I don’t know why. I probably shouldn’t have.

10. What were your favorite/least favorite chants and signs?

Derek: It’s always a treat when the fans sing “John Cena sucks” during his entrance. I enjoyed the “Suplex City” and “Please Retire” chants on Raw.

suplex city

Like many others, I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the things they were chanting at the Divas, but I’m glad those chants were overtaken by other chants. That just proved that wrestling is the highest form of entertainment.

SpencerI didn’t catch what they chanted at the Divas. But I’ll list my favorites:

  • “John Cena Suuuuuuuucks, John Cena Suuuuuuucks!” That’s going to be the new thing moving forward. See YES! and Fandango-ing.
  • “New, Day Sucks, New, Day Sucks!” Both catchy and true. Wasting talent in that faction. Time to repackage!
  • “Please Retire, Please Retire!” Again I agree with San Jose. Big Show and Kane are neither entertaining nor technically sound in the ring. Find two new henchman, Authority.
  • “How you doin, clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!”A Raw crowd praising NXT’s Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady was music to my ears. And the fact that they were aware of NXT is a very good sign, but we’ll get to that.

Will: “John Cena suuuuuuuucks” was terrific, and it was made even better by Cena playing off of it. I’m really enjoying Cena embracing his pseudo-heel status and egging the crowd on.

Anything alluding to CM Punk has to go away, especially during an AJ Lee match. I understand he’s still a wrasslin’ darlin’, but the man has moved on. We should, too.

11. Triple H’s Terminator-themed entrance: cool or stupid?

Derek: Really, really weird. I knew it was coming, but it had to be way out of left field for those who didn’t. Just like Sting’s Japanese drumline entrance.

I know WWE isn’t known for turning down a marketing opportunity, but was that really necessary? Though it was nothing new for Trips, I suppose.

SpencerBoth entrances were really awkward and left me raising an eyebrow.

WillSuper stupid, which kind of made it perfect. I feel like Vince saw T2 for the first time Saturday night and started hollering “Get me some robots, dammit!” until it became reality.

12. Should Sting and Triple H have shaken hands after their match?

Derek: Absolutely not. Trips didn’t win clean. Did they announce this as a no DQ match prior to the entrances? I thought the ref would have to go down for some bat on sledgehammer action.

This was the only part of the show I wasn’t a fan of. I wanted Sting to win, sure, but it was how he lost and the aftermath that bummed me out. Sting broke HHH’s hammer and could have gone to town on him with the bat, but tossed it aside. All he got in return was a cheap shot with the remains of the sledgehammer and some Sweet Chin Music. Then he shook his hand after? I hope that wasn’t the last we see of Sting.

SpencerIt’s not the last we see of Sting, don’t worry about that. That being said, it was intriguing to see them shaking hands after all that bad blood. I think it was more of a burying the hatchet between WCW and WWE after all those years, but that’s just me.

WillNo way they should have shaken hands. It made no sense, and that match was strange overall. I was expecting a brutal grudge match, and a 40-year high school reunion broke out. I wanted to see Sting and Trips out for blood, but instead they were like old football rivals finally burying the hatchet.

13. Were you a fan of Brock completely losing it?

Derek: I’m okay with anything that directly or indirectly leads to Michael Cole receiving an F5.

It was an interesting way to handle Lesnar since he still won’t be around full-time. The bigger question: how will Paul Heyman be used in Lesnar’s absence? Sounds like we’ve got question 14!

SpencerBrock Lesnar VICTIMIZED everyone (thanks Paul Heyman). It was a great way to write him off for a while, and it was believable. Also, the announce table he flipped may have literally flattened Booker T.

And the F-5s. ALL OF THE F-5s!

WillHell. Yes. It worked given his general unstoppability, and introducing a little chaos into the proceedings makes Brock all the more compelling. There was a nearly-real sense of fear when he started wrecking shit, and there was a feeling that no one in the building could stop him if they tried. I don’t know what this means going forward, but I’m on board.

14. How will Paul Heyman be used in Lesnar’s absence?

Derek: Last year, Brock disappeared after WrestleMania and returned at SummerSlam. In the interim, Cesaro became the newest Paul Heyman guy. That didn’t really work out. Will Paul Heyman get a new wrestler to manage? Can he still be only Brock’s guy while Brock is gone? He’s too entertaining to keep off TV.

Spencer: He’ll be off of TV until Brock comes back. Or he’ll just come out and update us on what his client’s plans are. UNLESS we find out that HE was the one behind Rollins cashing in. THEN things could get interesting!

Will: There have been rumblings that a Brock-Heyman split may be on the way, with Heyman becoming the advocate for a new wrestler, maybe even Roman Reigns. That might happen eventually, but I think Heyman will be out of the limelight for a few weeks, which will only make his inevitable return that much greater.

15. How did Byron Saxton do after Lesnar smashed the announce table?

brock table flip

Derek: Standards are pretty low, but I thought he did fine. But it was mostly because he was the anti-Cole. Cole is an over-seller, and Saxton is an under-seller. I’m sure it would drive me crazy at some point, but for one night it was fine. I wish WWE could find someone who’s somewhere between the two.

SpencerWWE got this one right. In order to go along with the storyline, Saxton came in and called the rest of the show. He botched a few names and moves, but he was probably just nervous; but he’ll get better. This was very valuable experience for him, and I think it was kind of a test for the young up-and-comer.

Will: Maybe I’m being harsh, I thought Byron was rough. I couldn’t tell if he was instructed to act somber or if he was just that nervous to be handed the reins. I thought he got better as the night went on, especially with Jerry Lawler to work off of, but it was not an auspicious play-by-play debut for Mr. Saxton.

16. Why didn’t they just fix the announce table?

Derek: It was on its side! There’s no way to fix that.

SpencerI love you, WWE creative.

WillHey, look! Question No. 17 is next!

17. Did the NXT guys have good debuts?

Derek: For sure! I’m not a huge fan of changing Adrian Neville’s name to just Neville, but he made me want to see more of him. The Lucha Dragons were fun too. They could be the boost the tag team division desparately needs.

SpencerNXT’s takeover of Raw was fantastic. The Lucha Dragons looked fantastic, especially Kalisto. Adrian Neville made a solid debut and got to show off a nice glimpse of what he can do in the ring. They even gave him a cape, which is fitting because he’s the closest thing to superman in real life.

Side note: Why is Vince McMahon obsessed with removing first names? It’s unnecessary. Maybe it worked with Rusev, but Antonio Cesaro and Adrian Neville sound fine. You’re weird, old man, Vinny Mac.

WillNeville’s and the Lucha Dragons’ debuts were everything that the Ascension’s wasn’t, which is to say good. Neville (who should use his first name, but whatever) came out with a distinct look and moveset, as did the Dragons. I’m always a sucker for top rope moves, and I’m especially excited to see Neville get more shine on a weekly basis.

18. What kind of impact is NXT making on the main product?

Derek: Strange as it seems, NXT is kind of like the new WCW. It’s already bigger than Smackdown, and it’s closing the gap on Raw. I’ve only watched a few NXT shows, but I’ve really enjoyed them. Let’s just hope the writers and bookers don’t screw them when they get called up.

Spencer: As, ahem, SPORTS MONOCLE’S RESIDENT NXT AFICIONADO AND EXPERT (end plug), the impact that NXT on the main product is very apparent through signs and chants. For example, what I mentioned earlier with Enzo and Big Cass, as well as the Lucha Dragons. There were “SAWFT” signs everywhere and the entire crowd popped and chanted for Sin Cara and Kalisto, which honestly was the least over tag team in NXT.

People are tuning into the network on Wednesdays, and this may be the most beneficial development tool WWE has ever had.

WillAs much as improving the actual product, adding more NXT to WWE is an olive branch to smart fans. The secret is out that NXT is favored by many to the big leagues, and calling more guys and gals up from the farm team sends a message that WWE recognizes what the modern crowd likes and respects. Triple H runs the show in NXT, but I’m dying to know what kind of say Vince has in all of this.

19. Is there another call-up on the horizon?

Derek: From the few NXT shows I’ve seen, I’ve been a huge fan of Finn Bálor. In his interview on the Cheap Heat podcast last week, he said the only way he’s not on the WrestleMania 32 card is if he’s dead. Well, I don’t want that. I hope he gets called up soon.

SpencerEverybody says Bálor is the next one up, and that could be true because of an intensely crowded main event picture. But my guy to lookout for is Sami Zayn. Once he finishes his rivalry with Kevin Owens once and for all, get ready for Zayn on the main roster (as I grin from ear to ear typing this).

As for a call-up on the women’s side- look for Charlotte and a newly turned heel Emma to be up next.

Will: Indeed, Bálor has been tabbed as the next star-to-be, and I almost wonder if that could work against him for reasons beyond his control (i.e. Vince resenting him for no good reason). If and when Bálor gets the call, it is crucial that WWE not screw up his look and entrance. His donning warpaint exclusively for big shows is a great wrinkle, and the sort of thing that lets you know you’re watching a match that matters. Fingers crossed.

20. Are the Divas getting a chance?

Derek: They are getting more match time, and those matches have been decent. I imagine the NXT women will make a move up at some point. I’m surprised Charlotte still isn’t on the main roster.

SpencerYes, and it’s a nice breath of fresh air! Nikki Bella’s clearly put in a lot of time into improving as a competitor, and Paige and AJ are the best at what they do. Now just wait for those NXT Divas to trickle on up.

There’s so much NXT love in this piece. I feel like a proud father.

WillI do believe they are. The longer matches have been very encouraging, and the Bellas have developed solid chemistry with AJ and Paige. I’m not sure that the storylines totally make sense, but that qualifies as equal treatment in WWE.

21. What are your thoughts on Stephanie McMahon?

Derek: She’s really good at what she does. Of all the heels, she’s the only one who makes me root for some kind of comeuppance. Even Rollins, at his absolute heeliest, is entertaining. I spent most of WrestleMania hoping Rousey would put her in a never-ending armbar. That’s quite an accomplishment.

SpencerStephanie McMahon is the baddest woman in the company. She does a great job at making you think, “Wow, what a [female dog] she is!” Steph is a cruel mastermind and is flawless (and heartless) on the microphone. She’s easily a top heel.

WillI love to hate her. She’s a McMahon, through and through. I too was hoping that Rousey would snap her arm clean off. I just wish Shane-o-Mac were still around.

22. Should Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler just have matches every show?

Derek: Hey, why not? I’m not sure how many times they would have to wrestle before the match became less interesting than a Rusev squash match, but it’s in triple digits.

SpencerYes. YES. YES! YES!!! An ironman match between the two needs to happen as soon as possible.

Will: At risk of losing whatever wrestling cred I have, I was actually lukewarm on them at first. As they’ve gotten more familiar with each other, however, the results have been terrific. They’re like catnip to technical wrestling fans, but I particularly enjoy when the (relatively) little guys square off and exchange haymakers in the middle of the ring.

23. Who is Cena’s next foe for the US title? Will Rusev get a rematch?

Derek: Rusev’s booking on Raw was a little weird. He didn’t answer Cena’s open challenge, then appeared only to squash Goldust. The announcers pointed this out more than once, too. I’m not sure what that means. All signs point to Ambrose looking to regain his old belt.

SpencerI honestly thought it was going to be Sheamus, but it looks like he’s going to be involved in a program with Daniel Bryan again. Maybe it’s Rusev, but I don’t think it’s Dean Ambrose.

WillI have no idea, but the good news is that there are plenty of guys who seem worthy of that spot, including Ambrose. I would think Rusev will get a rematch, but maybe Vince has decided to tear down that wall.

I thought Ambrose did very well in his match with Cena. Even more impressive is that Ambrose (and Cena, among plenty of others) put on a legitimate, full-length match just one night after taking a nasty spill through a ladder. Never forget that these guys are freaking nuts.

24. Dean Ambrose sort of teased a heel turn after a fantastic match with Cena. Is one in the works? Should there be?

Derek: They’ll probably try, but it’s tough for someone like Ambrose to be heel against someone like Cena. Rusev did it, but he did everything short of urinating on the American flag. Ambrose doesn’t have the same heel options that Rusev does.

SpencerI do, but I don’t think it’s the right time. Ambrose has been stuck in lower-card limbo ever since his feud with Bray Wyatt, and it’s shameful. He has way too much left in the tank as a face to be turned heel this early. He eventually needs a program back with Rollins for the WWE WHC to get back to where he was before.

But when Ambrose turns heel, you’ll know it. He’ll be the top heel in the company. Trust me on that one.

WillThe treatment of Ambrose has been puzzling, dating back to his backstage psychiatrist segment on Raw weeks ago. He’s the only Shield member not to be in the main event picture, but the fans pop for him just as much as Rollins. I see him as more of a babyface antihero, a sort of Stone Cold Lite, but I’m afraid we’ll be encouraged to boo him before long.

25. Is Randy Orton is becoming likeable again?

Derek: Angry Randy Orton will always be my favorite Randy Orton, but it was cool to see him remind Rollins that he beat him at ‘Mania. That RKO was a thing of beauty.


SpencerAbsolutely he is. It’s like this feud with Rollins has given him the opportunity to find himself again, and you can see how much he’s enjoying it on the show. He’s still the same sadistic Randy. The only difference is that he’s a face. Orton and Rollins as the main focus of the main event will be a great feud heading into summer.

WillHis promos still don’t do much for me, and I’ll forever think of him as an Ed Hardy t-shirt come to life, but hot damn that RKO was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

26. Who will be Rollins’ first title defense?

Derek: Orton. I won’t be surprised if Orton vs. Rollins is the main event at Extreme Rules.

Spencer: Both Orton and Reigns. With the way Raw ended, I think that’s clear as day.

WillCo-sign Orton (though Reigns will probably be involved, too). Let’s let those guys put a bow on this thing for real.

27. Are you excited by the return of Sheamus?

Derek: When Sheamus returned, he looked like this:

sheamusYeah, I’m excited.

SpencerThe crowd chanted, “you look stupid!” but I think that Sheamus’s new look is freaking awesome. He was in dire need of a new direction and attitude, and now he’s got it. Bryan and him have excellent chemistry in the ring, and we haven’t seen heel Sheamus in quite some time.

WillI cannot wait until they explain why the hell he looks like that. Better yet, I cannot wait for them to skirt the issue altogether.

28. No Bray Wyatt on Raw. What’s next for him?

Derek: Apparently, Bray got hurt warming up before his ‘Mania match. I don’t know if the injury had anything to do with his absence, but it’s possible. He may disappear for a bit, then return in the form of interference like he did at Hell in a Cell.

SpencerThis is why I was disappointed that he didn’t go over Taker. Creative now has to find a formidable opponent to give him his momentum back. He’s stuck in limbo again. They’ve done this with him way too many times, and it’s going to bite WWE in the behind if it keeps happening.

I think reviving the feud between Wyatt and Ambrose would do both of them wonders. They have great back-and-forth promos and in-ring chemistry.

I could also see Roman Reigns facing off with him, maybe in a potential heel turn scenario for the big Samoan with Wyatt playing mind games talking about the crowd or something. That’d be something to tune into for sure.

WillI would like to see him start a sort of Reign of Terror, killing the lights and interfering in all sorts of matches for no clear reason, possibly with new lackeys at his side. It would be a sensible way to build on his New Face of Fear angle, and in lieu of a clear feud, that seems as good a direction as any.

29. Were you bummed that Taker and Sting weren’t on Raw?

Derek: Sting did make an appearance on the post-Raw WWE Network special, which didn’t tell us much. He left the door open to wrestle in the future, as the crowd chanted “Under-taker!” It would have been cool if Undertaker came out right then, but alas. We may never see Taker on Raw again. I hope Sting sticks around in some capacity, though.

SpencerI really didn’t have a problem with it, but I also don’t know what’s going to happen. I will say that Sting looked to be in great shape on Sunday, and I can’t say the same for Taker.

WillIt would have been great to see one or both during the main show, but it was always going to be a pipe dream. Those guys are literally 106 years old combined. They deserve a night off.

30. Seth Rollins thanked Roman Reigns as he pinned him. Your thoughts?

Derek: I thought it was pretty cool. I’m sure Rollins could barely contain himself and thought no one could hear. He’s been a singles wrestler for 10 months and he’s already reached what many would consider the pinnacle of professional wrestling. Nice of him to thank Roman for doing the job.

SpencerPure class from both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. That was one of those moments that hits you in the feels. Derek, you’re right. He’s been a singles wrestler on the main roster for 10 months.

He’s climbed his way up through the independents, Ring of Honor, Florida Championship Wrestling, NXT and more for over 10 years. And he’s only 28 years old. Twenty-eight!

Rollins was a natural face with few mic skills when he came in. He has evolved into the company’s top heel and earned the WWE’s most prestigious prize. THAT is what you call hard work.

WillLoved it. The wrestling brotherhood seems as tight-knit as any in the world, and it almost makes me proud as a wrestling fan to see Rollins treat the strap with that sort of respect. He and Reigns have plenty of shared history, and it’s just cool to see them appreciate each other’s efforts.

31. What do you think will be the big storylines at WrestleMania 32?

Derek: Early feuds look like Lesnar-Rollins and Rock-HHH. Taker and Sting looked good, and I think they could have a good match. My dark horse participants: Stone Cold and CM Punk. Stone Cold is still in decent shape and the show is in Texas. Punk should have his first MMA fight over the next year. Maybe he gets destroyed and Vince offers him a boatload of money and the opportunity to main event WrestleMania like he always wanted. AT&T Stadium is a big place. They’ll have to make some kind of splash if they want to sell it out.

But hey, who knows what could happen in the next year? At this time last year, Seth Rollins was one third of The Shield and the image of him going over in the main event at WrestleMania was unthinkable. Maybe it’ll be Mizdow next year.

SpencerWrestleMania 32 in Jerry’s World has to be epic right?

My dream is an All-Shield main event for the WWE WHC. Rollins (C) vs. Ambrose vs. Reigns for the gold. That card would also include a Daniel Bryan-Dolph Ziggler Ironman match for the IC championship. Rock and Brock are also going to square off, I think.

If there’s no Shield triple threat, I’d love to see Ziggler get his moment against Rollins for the WWE WHC. That might be my favorite WrestleMania moment ever.

But for now, the card is too early to call in my opinion!

Will: Man I can’t even remember if I put on underpants this morning. Don’t ask me to predict what’s going to happen in a year. Let’s just bask in ‘Mania 31 for a few more days.

(Main Event Mizdow or GTFO)

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