FanDueling Week 1: A New Hope

For an explanation of the FanDueling series, click here.


Football is back, which means my weekly degenerate gambling skill-based daily fantasy football series is back, too! Last year, I settled into a rhythm that worked for me and doubled my money every week from Week 12 to the Divisional Playoffs. I’ll be employing a similar strategy this year. Maybe I’ll double my money every week and retire!

Here’s how this is going to work, for those of you who are interested in figuring out exactly how much money I lose/make doing this. I deposited $60 into my FanDuel account for today’s games. I’ll be putting down $30 on the team you see below. If I double my money this week, my bank will become $90. Therefore, I shall put down $45 next week. If my streak ends, I’ll have $30 left, so I’ll put down $15 next week. I’ll continue wagering half of whatever is in my account each week until the playoffs or I go broke. I probably won’t mention the amount I make or lose every week, but you’re welcome to play along at home!

On to Week 1! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Tyrod Taylor (IND@BUF) – $5,000

Your cheapest starting quarterback of the week! Readers from last year will recall that my goal is for each player to double his salary in points. For example, if a guy is worth $8,000, then I want him to score 16 or more points. Taking a cheap quarterback is a good way to accomplish this. I’m not expecting a Player of the Week performance from Taylor, but 10 points at home against the Colts’ D? I think that’s doable.

Also considered: None

RB – Jeremy Hill (CIN@OAK) – $8,600

I think Oakland is going to be better this year, but I also think Jeremy Hill is going to get the ball a lot. The price was too good to pass up.

RB – Eddie Lacy (GB@CHI) – $8,500

And this price was even better. I’m a big believer in Jeremy Hill, but I couldn’t believe he was more expensive than Lacy going against the Bears. He might be the top running back play of the week, but he was tied with DeMarco Murray for the sixth most expensive running back on FanDuel. Sign me up.

Also considered – Lamar Miller ($7,300)

WR – Odell Beckham, Jr. (NYG@DAL) – $8,900

I like Julio Jones a little bit more, but Jones was $100 more. After tinkering a bit, I decided the Beckham version of the team was stronger overall. And Beckham isn’t exactly a bad consolation prize. As we learned last year, he’s some sort of cyborg.

WR – Dez Bryant (NYG@DAL) – $8,700

Probably not much defense in this one.

WR – Davante Adams (GB@CHI) – $5,500

I think FanDuel may have set these prices before Jordy Nelson’s injury. I can’t think of another reason why Adams is so cheap. With Nelson out and Cobb hurting, Adams should get a huge bump in targets.

Also considered: Julio Jones ($9,000), Vincent Jackson ($7,200), Jordan Matthews ($6,800), Steve Johnson (4,700), Allen Hurns (4,600)

TE – Greg Olsen (CAR@JAX) – $5,900

Greg Olsen might get 30 targets. Newton threw to him often last year, and that was when Kelvin Benjamin was in the lineup. Olsen’s likely high usage rate made him tough to pass up.

Also considered: Delanie Walker ($5,400)

K – Brandon McManus (BAL@DEN) – $4,600

When the Broncos are at home and their kicker is this cheap, it’s pretty much automatic.

Also considered: None

D/ST – New York Jets (CLE@NYJ) – $4,400

I was going to pick whichever defense was cheaper in the Browns-Jets game. Jets it is!

Also considered: Cleveland Browns ($4,600)


TOTAL – $60,000

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