FanDueling Week 3: Return of the Winning Streak

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Before we move on to the Week 3 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 2:


I felt pretty good going into Monday Night Football. I was already in the winning half of my contest, with Andrew Luck still to go. Four turnovers later, Luck somehow scored 11.4 points and I barely managed to bounce back from last week. It’s a bit of a surprise, considering Luck, Marshawn Lynch, and Ameer Abdullah combined for 21.4 points. But hey, seeing as the Lions have a superstar running back like Joique Bell, I can see why they won’t give Abdullah the ball.

Thankfully, my wide receivers bailed me out. The Larry Fitzgerald of 2007 made an appearance and he was pretty much the only reason I won. Julio Jones and Jordan Matthews each had good days, but Fitzgerald was monster. Bless you, Larry.

On to Week 3! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Luke McCown (NO@CAR) – $5,200

We have a cheap backup quarterback this week, so I’m pulling the trigger on that. I certainly don’t trust this Saints offense but, as I’ve said before, I’m only trying to double each player’s salary in points. I think McCown can get 10 points. Garbage time counts, too.

Also considered: Russell Wilson ($8,400), Carson Palmer ($8,100), Cam Newton ($7,900)

RB – Le’Veon Bell (PIT@STL) – $8,800

If you read our Friday picks, you’ll know I like the Rams this week. Call this hedging my bet. Bell has extra value in 0.5 PPR scoring, and the Steelers’ offense in general is going to be fun for fantasy owners. It looks like they’re the only team that’s going to consistently go for two points early in games. That’s a subtle but potentially helpful bonus for everyone in that offense.

RB – Latavius Murray (OAK@CLE) – $7,000

It’s early, but the Browns have the early claim on worst rush defense in the league. They’ve given up 320 rushing yards (last in the NFL) to the Jets and Titans. Murray appears to be the only back getting work in Oakland, so I like him to have a decent day here.

Also considered – Adrian Peterson ($8,900), Marshawn Lynch ($8,700), David Johnson ($6,000), Bilal Powell ($5,200)

WR – Julio Jones (ATL@DAL) – $9,000

I mean, it’s Julio. If he’s healthy, he’s money.

WR – Brandon Marshall (PHI@NYJ) – $7,400

Eric Decker is probably out this week, so Marshall should get a ton of targets. He’s looked good so far this year, and Byron Maxwell has been getting torched. I like his chances.

WR – Donte Moncrief (IND@TEN) – $6,000

It seems I’m one of the few people who is really high on Moncrief. Every game he’s gotten to play a decent number of snaps, he’s done well. Also, the way Andre Johnson has been playing, Moncrief may already be the second option in Indianapolis. I’d say that’s a valuable spot, particularly in what many believe will be a big game for the Colts.

Also considered: T.Y. Hilton ($7,600) Larry Fitzgerald ($6,700), Allen Robinson ($6,600), John Brown ($6,000)

TE – Jimmy Graham (CHI@SEA) – $6,300

Like many others, I think the Seahawks shouldn’t have much trouble here. I think they’ll make an effort to get Graham the ball more after the way the first two games have gone.

Also considered: Rob Gronkowski ($8,400), Greg Olsen ($5,900)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (JAX@NE) – $5,000

New England doesn’t have a great recent track record of covering double-digit point spreads, but I can’t pass up Gostowski against the Jags.

Also considered: Steven Hauschka ($5,000)

D/ST – Seattle Seahawks (CHI@SEA) – $5,300

The Seahawks are at home against Jimmy Clausen without Alshon Jeffery. I’d say the floor and ceiling are both pretty high.

Also considered: New England Patriots ($4,700)


TOTAL – $60,000

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