FanDueling Week 5: FanDuel Awakens

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Before we move on to the Week 5 games, let’s take a look at the results from Week 4:


Yikes. That’s a total of 91.74, which is one of the worst weeks I’ve ever had. Latavius fumbled and got benched. Julio wasn’t Julio and left early in a blowout. Randall Cobb tweaked his shoulder injury and was a disappointment. The Cardinals D got Gurleyed, among other things. I never really had a chance. I shall wash my hands of all of these players this week.

On to Week 5! Here’s the team I’m rolling with this week:

QB – Tom Brady (NE@DAL) – $8,800

Ugh. I feel dirty.

This should be a blowout. In most cases, that would scare me because the quarterback would be benched in the third quarter. However, the Patriots have a long track record of running up the score if they have the opportunity, so Brady could pad his stats for the full 60 minutes.

Also considered:  Philip Rivers ($7,500), Alex Smith ($6,900), Jameis Winston ($6,400)

RB – Jamaal Charles (CHI@KC) – $9,100

I feel like someone’s going to go off on this Chicago defense. It could be Alex Smith, but more than likely it will be Charles.

RB – Le’Veon Bell (PIT@SD) – $9,000

I got both Charles and Bell this week due to some cheaper WR options I liked. Bell is one of the best bets in fantasy even before factoring in that he’s facing a defense that’s 29th in rushing yards per game and 32nd in yards per carry.

Also considered – Devonta Freeman ($7,600), Justin Forsett ($7,200), Dion Lewis ($6,900), Chris Thompson ($5,100)

WR – Demaryius Thomas (DEN@OAK) – $8,600

There’s talk of the Raiders being much improved, and I believe it. But the Broncos have had no trouble with the Raiders in the Manning era. As I mentioned in our Week 5 Picks, since Manning joined the Broncos he’s 6-0 versus the Raiders and the smallest margin of victory was 13. A Broncos receiver will probably do well. I’m betting on Thomas.

WR – Cole Beasley (NE@DAL) – $5,200

I think the Patriots will focus on stopping Jason Witten and Joseph Randle/Darren McFadden/Christine Michael. That should allow Beasley to make some noise on short passes. I could see him having 10 receptions for 70 yards, or something like that. That will do nicely with his price and FanDuel’s 0.5 PPR format.

WR – Marquess Wilson (CHI@KC) – $4,800

As I write this, both Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal look to not be playing. That makes Wilson the Bears’ number two option behind tight end Martellus Bennett. The Chiefs have given up more fantasy points to wide receivers than any other team.

Also considered: Julio Jones($9,200), Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400), Jeremy Maclin ($6,900), Travis Benjamin ($6,200), Kamar Aiken ($5,800)

TE – Owen Daniels (DEN@OAK) – $4,900

As I mentioned last week, the Raiders can’t cover tight ends. That came to fruition, as Martellus Bennett was my team’s high scorer. I’m going with Daniels this week, though I’m a bit frightened that Virgil Green will steal the show.

Also considered: Rob Gronkowski ($8,400), Charles Clay ($5,700), Virgil Green ($4,600)

K – Stephen Gostkowski (NE@DAL) – $5,000

The Patriots should have plenty of chances to score with the Cowboys’ offense in crisis mode.

Also considered: None

D/ST – New York Giants (SF@NYG) – $4,300

Much like my love of starting tight ends facing the Raiders, I’m beginning to develop a love for defenses facing Colin Kaepernick. I think the Giants are laughably underpriced. Though, the Giants do have a propensity for blowing games they should win easily, so perhaps I should temper my expectations.

Also considered: Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4,000)


TOTAL – $59,700

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