Jets vs. Bills: Week 10 Thursday Picks

NFL Picks

Here are Will and Derek’s picks for the Week 10 Thursday night game. Picks for the remainder of the games will run on Friday.

(Home team in caps. Line per consensus.)

NEW YORK JETS (-2) vs. Buffalo

James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

Derek: Let’s just get this over with. I’m picking the Jets. They’re at home, and I like taking the home team in Thursday night games. I could probably find some other stats and matchups that would support my opinion, but does it really matter? My picks suck. You’re welcome, Buffalo fans.

Will: I don’t get this line. The Jets have a better record, have a better defense, have largely been the better team, and are at home. The Bills finally have a few skill position players healthy, but damn, only two points for the home team? If Geno Smith were playing I would understand, but Ryan Fitzpatrick will be in there. He’s got a bum thumb, but that’s on his left hand. I must be missing something here. I’m going with the Jets anyway.

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