Jaguars vs. Titans: Week 11 Thursday Picks

NFL Picks

Here are Will and Derek’s picks for the Week 11 Thursday night game. Picks for the remainder of the games will run on Friday.

(Home team in caps. Line per consensus.)

JACKSONVILLE (-3) vs. Tennessee

Getty Images

Getty Images

Derek: It’s the showdown we’ve all been waiting for! Nothing kicks off the week of football quite like an AFC South slobberknocker.

But it’s an appropriate start, because this game is the football version of my picks this year. I consistently made fun of myself in last week’s picks, hoping for some sort of reverse jinx. Naturally, I do believe it was my worst week in what was already a pretty bad season. So for one week, and one week only, I am literally going to flip a coin for every game. Heads for the home team, tails for the away team. I will then vigorously defend whoever the coin tells me to. I want to know just how much better inanimate objects are at picking football games than I am. Let’s begin!

Jacksonville has three wins this year. One came when the Bills gave them a ton of defensive points in London, and the other came last week when they only won due to an error by the officials. The Titans do at least have two impressive wins this year, both on the road. Marcus Mariota makes fewer mistakes than Blake Bortles as the Titans cover.

Will: I feel slightly guilty picking this game knowing that there’s no chance I watch it. None. Zero. Not even close. Part of that is because the Cavs are playing tonight, with Warriors-Clippers to follow. The NBA is much nearer to my heart than the NFL, and Dubs-Clips is absolute appointment viewing. But even if baby James Naismith had been aborted back in 1861 and basketball never became a thing, I still don’t think I’d watch Titans-Jags. One or more of these teams might even be decent. I just don’t care enough to find out.

HAVING SAID THAT, let’s pick some football! Both teams have been competitive against the spread. Tennessee is 4-5, and Jacksonville 5-4. The Jags’ offense could be sneaky competent. Blake Bortles isn’t all that accurate when he’s chucking the rock, but the Allens (Hurns and Robinson) are putting up big numbers, and T.J. Yeldon is at least serviceable. The thing that tilts the scales for me is this: Marcus Mariota has been brilliant on the road — 10 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. That’s reason enough for me to pick the Titans.

I just hope someone tells me if they won tomorrow.

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