Rams vs. Buccaneers: Week 15 Thursday Picks

NFL Picks

Here are Will and Derek’s picks for the Week 15 Thursday night game. Picks for the remainder of the games will run on Friday.

(Home team in caps. Line per VegasInsider.com consensus.)

ST. LOUIS (-2.5) vs. Tampa Bay

Jason Behnken / Tampa Tribune

Jason Behnken / Tampa Tribune

Derek: Unless they’re playing a vastly superior team, I’m always going to pick the Rams at the end of the year. The Rams are absolute pros at turning it on at the end of the season to make us all think they’ll be good next year. That didn’t work out against Arizona, but last week they ran all over a Lions team that was on a bit of a hot streak. I think they’ll fool us by looking impressive in this one as well.

Will: WHO IS WATCHING THESE FOOTBALL GAMES? On a good week the NFL’s expansion to a thrice-a-week schedule looks brilliant, but for the past few it’s been brutal. This matchup isn’t quite as bad as Browns-Ravens on Monday night, but the point stands. My grumpiness about this football season is not subsiding. I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ll take the points.

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